You think hot chicks have it easy? Somebody call the wahhhmbulance…

Dear Whiney Bitchy Boys who think that hot girls have the world handed to them on a silver platter… Fuck off. We deal with a lot of bullshit and a lot of people scrutinizing us because of our looks. Assuming we are dumb asses, gold diggers, materialistic and self obsessed.

I grew up on a farm. I loved that upbringing and wouldn’t change it for anything else. Had nothing growing up, worked my ass of for years and continue to do so. I dont need expensive things. I dont like to spend stupid money on stupid things and i never will, but i appreciate everything I have. I work hard to keep a hot body but I eat like a 400lb man. I’m a farm girl… It’s what we do… You should see me destroy a 22oz rare and bloody rib-eye. I dont gold dig, I actually had quite the obsession with broke guys who treated me like crap for the majority of my relationships and the man that sook me out (and just so happens to be able to take care of me ) is the man that cares about me more than any of the douchers that were jealous of me and my success and wanted to hoard me from the world because of their own insecurities.  Self obsessed? Hell no. I spend my days in sweats and uggs with no make up and I rock it… I don’t care what people think about me… I don’t think I’m that great, I think that full make up and hair can beautify a girl but I’m comfortable in my own skin. So bitch and moan about how easy it is to be a hot girl but check the facts… I’ve got brains, I’ve got beauty and I’ve got determination. Triple threat Mother Fuckers!!!

Love you still


Me on my first pony ride hahaha…



Whoa Mama ….

Who likes the coon skin??



My Beautiful Cameltoe …

Dearest fat repulsive man in passing on 1st ave (in the upper east side about a month ago…) When we had our brief interaction on that chilly day in October I was a bit insulted when you told me I had a ‘beautiful cameltoe’. I didnt realize how revealing my leggings were and i was only walking home from yoga (yes the pants were thin buy geeez guy really!!?). I just kept walking… I wanted to throw my latte at you in the heat of the moment- I swore to myself I’d never show off my ‘beautiful cameltoe’ again—no matter how much YOU appreciated it. My leggings were going to be BURNT!!

I was taken aback… I Kept walking… Not even a block further down 1st ave, I began Laughing hysterically, realizing that ‘that’ had really just happened… I then started texting a handful of my friends telling them what happened and we shared a great laugh together.

I now want not only to thank you for giving me a good laugh… But I also want to thank you for giving me a fast track to a good ego boost when I’m feeling unattractive and having a terrible day— Here is what I do… I throw on the most inappropriate pair of stretchy pants I have and head to the streets where I know they are doing construction… Those men in hard hats don’t keep their comments to themselves… I just keep walking but damn do I have a smile on my face.

So thanks Pervert.

Till next time
Naughty B


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