11Ya sorry about that little hiatus I took for my b day weekend… I was out of control. Had fun… Had my fav person in the whole wide world in town and we just took NY by storm.I cannot express my love for this girl with words but you will see her in a lot of the photos… My other half… Miss Mally….13

I can surely say I had the best birthday ever and I am surrounded by some damn good people. I will post pics because simply words cannot explain the time I had.
Started out friday night— Mally, Me and the most amazing man around did din din before the festivities because blaklee likes to eat…





Oh and blaklee likes to flip off the camera too 🙂

Well then we went to visit my fav fellow Sag!! (sounds like Saj dumb dumbs… Had some fun times 🙂 girls below… Top left Mally, right ME ME ME bottom left @Shaziboo2 Bottom left the one and only @NYCSarahparker



Then Mally and I had a Mario sandwich… @STAGMARLLC Shazi’s man haha


Then it was my bed time cuz i had lavo brunch party in the morning and that party is a FUCKING PARTY holy hell…  Shit got weird and we decided to take Mr Gomez on his first trip to AC…


Its how we do… Even my ding dong Johnny Showed up…


Sadly enough we had to wait for Dezi boo till after work but OMG we were retards… Loved it… Took AC and raped that bitch… Weird weird weird… Im still a little unsure if that 24-hour trip happened… I guess the pics prove it ay??

Blah Blah Blah… Somehow we ended up at avenue on Monday which was my actual b day and like I said, best b day ever. Still not sure if it was just a figment of my imagination or if it REALLY happened but we went big. And we went hard. AND WE WENT BIG! So much more photos to come… Happy B day to me… And what a happy b day it was… Either I have one great imagination or I have a lot of people who love me… One special person who must love me in particular…