Bubble Bath Bubble Bath oh how I enjoy you…

So when I was in college… I was being very lazy after one of my classes and I was watching some useless yet entertaining daytime talk show to take my mind off of my classes… Dr. Phil or Oprah or one of those know it all self help bastards made a comment that kind of stuck with me… ‘People who take scolding hot showers or baths are not very in touch with their bodies…’ I say fuck you Dr.!!! I love my hot baths, I love them 2-3-even 4 times daily and I like to even touch my body in my ridiculously hot baths… Dare you to try and jump in with me and burn your nuts off hahah… Here are some pics from some of my wonderful baths… Then I am actually off to take one and I will start with some fun blogs tomorrow. I am counting on my twitter followers to check out this new site and tell me what they want to hear from me 😉


bath 2