Im Baaaaaack

Ok… So I was pretty sick there for a little while after my big NYE celebration… Literally bed ridden for 2 weeks straight… In my downtime I had a lot of time to think. I decided—

1. The the Naughty but Nice show just wasn’t working for me. Why? A couple months ago I decided I wanted to go back to college.  I really want to focus on the rest of my life from now on, not just the here and now. I had a lot of fun with the guests on the show and it was something that could have been fun for a bit but its not what I want to do with my life. Ive spent the last few years being lazy and making money and I feel its time for me to really get back into doing something that gives me a challenge and makes me feel good about myself.

2. Its time to cut out the negativity I have let linger in my life. I have so much fun when I am with my friends and family… But I have let some people stick around that just don’t deserve my time or energy and its time to make some cuts on team Blaklee…

Even though I left the show I will still be doing some exciting things you can look forward to. I have 3 magazine shoots coming up in the next month and they are ones to be very very excited about… I will keep you posted as they happen.

As for now… I spent a lot of time studying today and I am absolutely exhausted. I am going to go to sleep now, I have my alarm set early… I am gonna get up early… Do my hair for the first time since I have been sick haha do some schoolwork… Then I am going to write a little more about what I have planned 🙂