Christmas Vacation…

Hemmmmm… I am thinking I want to get away for Christmas this year. I just want a little vacay maybe even solo on a beach somewhere.

I love my family but I wanna try something different. I just spent thanksgiving with all of them and it was great but I want to give myself the gift of really just relaxing and figuring out this life of mine… Leaving adult has really kinda put me at a stand still… Do I want to go back to school? Do I want to try and open my own business with what I have saved from putting my vag on blast for those couple of years that will be out there for the world to see for the rest of my life??? Do I want to just run away to a foreign country and start from scratch, or do I want to keep doing what I am doing and just live life one day at a time and wait for the next best thing to come to me???

Think I can do it on an island for 3 or 5 days off the grid?

Oh… And btw—I’m making everyone macaroni art or silly sketches for Christmas… Want one? E mail me ur addy.  😉

The sooner u send your info the more likely u will get one!!!

Any suggestions on where I should go that I can look something similar to this…