A quest for stardom huh???

So on a radio show I did over the weekend, one of the questions from callers was, ‘How do I get into the Adult industry?’

This is a question I have run into a lot over the past few years and it really bums me out. Most of the time the girls are asking because they see it as quick cash and their boyfriends are losers with drug habits or children on welfare and they look at this as an easy answer to all of their problems. What they don’t realize is that its something you are going to have to own for the rest of your life. You are going to see movies out there of yourself looking like a fucking dumb shit with cum all over your face and saying stupid things that you would never say but apparently most men out there find stupid things attractive.

I have said before, I do not regret what I did. Is some of it embarrassing? Yes. I think Im a little better looking and more mature than when I was filming the ‘Just 18’ videos in knee sox and pig tails, but damn right thats my vagina and it looks like a tulip 🙂

Truth is, I could tell girls a million in one ways to enter the business. You need to think about it first though. I did it because I wanted to. I didn’t have a broke boyfriend. I didn’t have a drug habit. I was just tired of living a boring life and met a connect to the industry and it was the first time in my life I just said ‘Why Not???’ and I did it— here I am today. Still clean as a whistle when it comes to drugs and STD’s. I still have family and friends who love me for me and I have dropped the ones who decided to judge me like a ton of bricks. Now I have a great job, a lot ahead of me… and they want back in my life… Here is what they get…



Juat the teal one 😉

So girls looking to get in the business… Look at your life. Look at why you want to do it, and understand you aren’t all Mckenzee Miles out there and they could eat you up and spit you out real fast. You can make a lot of money if you do it right… But most of the girls don’t do it right and they are left with nothing but vids of them getting gang banged that all their childhood friends are watching back home.



The next day I tanned and got my nails painted purple…