Ready … Set … Show


Me and not so big vinnie from biggest loser… He is a sweetheart…tumblr_lwacnj27yt1r78q6co1_1280

Sandra Bernhard and I on Naughty but nice…tumblr_lwacqnswuk1r78q6co1_1280

The Maxim man himself, Joe Levy and I on set for Naughty but Nice 🙂tumblr_lwacsjWxNA1r78q6co1_1280


keep on truckin B… keep on truckin…

So I woke up this morning thrilled to go tape Naughty But Nice… I have my best friend in town—Mallory (you will see plenty of obscene pictures of the two of us this weekend for my birthday) and I did a video blog (which was fun for you guys)… Posted it… Got all pumped for the show and went down to do the taping from my room at the hotel.

Everything was great, but I noticed something was off when Rob (host of the show if you don’t know) was giving me a little extra shit about being ‘stupid’. Anyone who knows me, knows better than that. I have been in an ‘every man for himself’ work environment and I have learned to take what someone says who I look at as ‘just other egotistical jerk off’ with a grain of salt. Through the day and the tapings I began to get more and more shit from him talking about what a dumb ass I am… I was starting to get irritated but if thats the part they want me to play then hell… I will play it.

Towards the end of the day Rob asked me to sit on the couch and have a ‘reality tv style’ confessional type of interview that a bunch of people from the cast and crew were going to do and we would make it really funny. I sat down… Had no idea what kind of questions were coming. Of course he started rolling asking me about Porn and if I knew that other people on set knew about it. I just went with it. Whatever. I don’t have a problem talking about my past but it was made obvious he was making a joke of me… If thats my part then thats my part.

Here is where I got irritated. I had to run out for a minute… When I came back I walked in on Rob asking Anne, the make up artist—what she knew about my former run in adult entertainment. Was this going to be in every cast and crew member interview? Anne told the story about her finding out about me doing porn. It was after my first or second day shooting was finished and a few of them decided to go out to lunch… She found out ‘over her broiled chicken lunch’ when someone from the cast pulled out their phone to show a video of me ‘sucking dick and sucking dick well’ —To ask me about it is one thing, but to share a laugh behind my back with people I work with crossed the line.

Here we are a couple months later into filming and I am sure they have all googled all the wild rides of Mckenzee Miles then they want to chit chat and smile to my face on set. Not cool… Whats cool is I would probably vomit if I saw 90% of them naked and they are watching me fuck… That feels good 😉 I made some damn good money… Invested… I get residuals… And I don’t struggle when it comes to living a comfortable lifestyle without having to break a nail.

I am in school. I do work hard— and I don’t appreciate people belittling me or taking the choice I made to leave my fucking on film in the past and throwing it back in my face. It’s been years since I have done adult… Respect it or fuck yourself—Just not to one of my movies please, thats just weird.

Tomorrows a new day…