Naughty but Nice and booty talk…

Had a pretty good day on set… Unfortunately I mentioned that I had put on a few pounds since starting birth control and Rob made it quite the topic of conversation during the show… Well I guess fortunately but unfortunately because it allowed me to get quite a bit more airtime than I have on previous episodes so far. It was nice even if we were talking about my fat ass. Ok, real talk… I don’t really think I’m fat and if I was I know they wouldn’t be giving me shit on air but I really wouldn’t mind having a fat ass… Lets talk plastic surgery for a second—Fake boobs are a whole different ball game in my opinion…  I did some traveling with the girl who was on the cover of Penthouse with me to do promotional work— ‘Lela Star’… She would have killed to be Kim Kardashian, instead she just tried to have Dr. Brazil get her to be the closest clone possible. Straight up looney bin style plastic surgery to get like Kim K (then she was flattered when people would say she strikes some sort of resemblance.) I have seen a lot of fake boobs, the goods and the bads. Thats the only fake ass I have seen and not long after getting the ass implants, they appeared to be in her thighs. This is why I am scared of ass implants. Thanks Lela— I will just try and eat more starch and do some wall squats.

Me and Lela—Back Camera

Pictures from todays show…


Just me 🙂 With Rhiannons back 🙂


Soraya and I with David Alan Basche